Let Us Keep You Prepared.

Live life worry-free.

We may not be able to predict your future, but we can help you prepare for it financially, through investment options to enjoy a worry-free retirement and insurance to protect you and your family under any circumstance.

Retirement Planning Options

Safe Money Annuity Market

Annuities for retirement planning

An annuity is an investment product that provides safe, tax-deferred growth of your retirement nest egg. Annuities are a low-risk way to provide guaranteed, monthly income when you retire.

There are many types of annuities with varying features and benefits, including fixed, variable, immediate, deferred, and hybrid. We can you help you explore the various types of annuities to determine which is best for you, while answering any questions you may have.

401K Plans for Small Business

Open Sign Small Business 401K PlansLooking for The perfect perk for your employees? We work with American National Safe Harbor 401(k)s. These 401K options are designed to allow highly compensated employees  (owners and those making over $130,000) to contribute up to the maximum into their 401(k) elective deferral, without regard to what other employees contribute.

We believe in service and we will come to you. Our initial consultation is free, so call us to set up yours today!

401K Rollovers

Safe 401K RolloversWe make safe rollovers of your 401K simple! Whether you’re starting a new job, combining retirement accounts from previous jobs, or just want an independent option for your 401(k), we are here to help.

We can handle the entire process for you and get you an account that’s easy to understand, contribute to, and manage. Call for a free consultation today. You have the questions? We have the answers!

IRA Investing Account

IRA Accounts for RetirementBuild your own retirement plan with Traditional IRA or Roth IRA accounts. IRA accounts allow you to contribute a certain amount of income every year.

The income can be contributed before tax (Traditional IRA) allowing your money to grow tax-deferred or after tax (Roth IRA) so income is not taxed at withdrawal. Call us today to help you determine which IRA is right for you, to set up and manage your account now and in retirement.

Insurance Plan Options

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Home Mortgage Life Insurance PolicyAs the name implies, Mortgage Protection Life Insurance (mortgage protection insurance) is there to repay your mortgage in the event you die or become unable to work. We offer simplified coverage that does not include any medical exam.

Once the policy is issued, the client is also eligible for a living benefit. The policy owner can collect up to 90% of the face value in the event they become critically, chronically or terminally ill. At stressful times like these, the last thing you need to worry about is mortgage debt.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life InsuranceUniversal life insurance (UL) is a cash value life insurance. Premium payments cover the cost of the insurance and fees each month and include an additional amount which collects monthly interest for the policyholder. The insurer determines the interest rate, but must deliver a contractual minimum rate.

Contact us today to find out more about this life insurance and savings option. Your initial consultation is free.

Final Expense and Burial Planning

Funeral and Final Expenses InsuranceMake life as easy on your family as possible while they are dealing with your death. Plan ahead to be sure their grief isn’t compounded by financial worries. We can offer you a personalized quote on final expenses and burial insurance ranging from $2000-$50,000, depending on your needs.

We will help you compare companies, rates and terms to select the best Final Expense Insurance Plan for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life InsuranceTerm Life Insurance or “Term Assurance” is life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time (the relevant term). After the term expires, the client must either forgo coverage or obtain coverage with different payments or conditions.

If the insured dies during the term, the  beneficiary will receive the death benefit. Term insurance is typically the least expensive way to purchase a substantial death benefit. To determine if Term Life is your best option, contact us for a free consultation.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life InsuranceWhole Life Insurance is the most common type of permanent life insurance policy, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Like most permanent life insurance policies, Whole Life Insurance offers an interest-bearing savings component called “cash value” which can be withdrawn or borrowed against in the case of an emergency. Want to know if Whole Life is your best insurance option? Call us for a free consultation and/or a quote today.

College Financial Planning

College Financial PlanningThere are several ways families can plan to pay for college. Unlike traditional savings or investment accounts (which don’t guarantee a payout) you can secure a guaranteed payout of $10,000 to $150,000 with an Endowment Life Insurance Policy such as the Gerber Life College Plan.

When the policy matures, you can use the money to help cover college expenses – or anything else your child needs for a successful future. The College Plan places no restrictions on how the money is used. Explore your college financial planning options! Call us for a free consultation.